Northern Rockies Woodworking Guild September 2014 Gallery

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Boyd Carson
Birch - lacquer
Ivan Flock
Ring box ? wood - no finish
Mike Kelly
Vase - Tung oil + wax
Tony Huckert
Walnut & Wenge - Wax
Ron Lerner
Osage Orange - Lacquer
Jay Stanley
Box Elder - tung oil
Bob Taylor
Elm - beeswax
Dean Center
Maple - Idunno finish
Dean Center
Poplar - walnut oil
Jay Stanley
Walnut - tung oil
Jurgen Weiel
Spalted Maple, Walnut, Cherry - Friction polish - First Drozda box
Boyd Carson
Poplar - lacquer - cracks wood burned to show off
Jess Tode
Box Elder - Osmo
Dennis Skattum
Cedar - spray poly
Bob Taylor - Juniper Jess Tode
Box Elder burl - Wipe On Poly - Bugs
Box Elder Burl tree before it fell down. Standing dead for 35 years


No demo but Dean had a safety tip to not get hit with a piece this size coming off the lathe

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