Northern Rockies Woodworking Guild March 2019 Gallery

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Len Pierce
Spalted maple top w/Black walnut inlay - black walnut body - Shellac
Dean Center
Maple/Maple/yellow heart - Lacquer - wipe on poly & wax
Dean Center
Russian Olive, Aspen, Pan Amarillo - Lacquer - wipe on poly & wax
Jess Tode
Walnut? / Juniper - friction polish
Jess Tode
Honey Locust - wipe on poly
Len Pierce
Walnut - Box Elder - tung oil
Boyd Carson
Box Elder, Buckeye, Ash - Liming wax, Wipe on General
Boyd Carson
Box Elder - wipe on General
Jim Larson
Eggs - Dyed Maple Friction polish - Spalted Cottonwood bowl - Howard's feed+wax
Jim Larson
Elm - Howard's feed+wax
Jurgen Weiel
Egg Cups - Chokecherry, Russian Olive - Friction polish, Eggs - Maple, Aspen, Chokecherry Lacquer/Friction Polish
Jim Palakovich
Walnut - tung oil
Jim Palakovich
Walnut/Box Elder - tung oil
Randall Woller
Sticker wood - Johnson's paste wax
Bob Taylor
Fir - paint
Jim Rendle
Darning egg - Ponderosa pine - tung oil
Jim Rendle
Bois De Chauffage - tung oil
Jay Stanley
Irish Ash - made in Ireland
Seth Ellis
Maple, cherry, walnut - wipe on poly


Jay Stanley showed off what he learned in Ireland from Glen Lucas on how to make a Calabash bowl

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