Northern Rockies Woodworking Guild December 2018 Gallery

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Jarred McDaniel
Birch - turned by my kids
Jess Tode
Box Elder - Lundmark tung oil
Jess Tode
Chokecherry & Black Locust - Lundmark tung oil
Jarred McDaniel
Apple - friction polish
Jess Tode
Honey Locust - wipe on poly
Jess Tode
Apricot - wipe on poly
Jess Tode
Walnut - wipe on poly
Dan Olsen
Apple - watco danish oil
Dean Center
Pecan, Cherry, Apple, Apricot, osage orange, Mango bag drying stand - "There is no problem so simple it cannot be made more complicated"
Jurgen Weiel
Cherry - copper Acetate hole repair with Jarred's help, lacquer
Jurgen Weiel
Box Elder - lacquer
Dusty Foran
Padauk, maple, purple heart, walnut - Mylands friction polish
Chris Nelson
Birch, walnut, Oak - Boiled linseed oil + earth pigment - shrink boxes and utensils
Ivan Flock
Several types of woods - CA glue finish
Tom Robinson
Box Elder - lacquer turquoise fill


Hands on session with spindle, bowl, hollow form, natural edge bowl stations for everyone to try their hand.

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