Northern Rockies Woodworking Guild April 2015 Gallery

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Jay Stanley Jay Stanley Jay Stanley Jay Stanley Jay Stanley
Mike Kelly
Maple - tung oil
Ben Bury Sr.
Walnut & Maple - lacquer
Bob Taylor
Douglas Fir - Shellac w/red stain
Bob Taylor
Douglas fir - oil
Tony Huckert
Buckeye Burl, purple heart - Lacquer
Tony Huckert
Plexiglas - liquid polish
Boyd Carson
Cotton wood - Urethane
Boyd Carson
Elm - oil & urethane
Jess Tode
Russian Olive - wipe on poly - holes and stains from steps to tree house
Jess Tode
Poplar - wipe on poly
Wayne Hansen
Various - Shell-A-wax
Wayne Hansen
Myrtle - Shell-A-Wax
Jerry More
Pine - Lacquer
Boyd Carson
Drum in process


Tony Huckert offered suggestions on how to best cut up sections of trees

Tom Robinson held a shop tour at his shop on April 25th (Photos by George Stanislao)

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