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Graeme Priddle Demo  June 19th & 20th 2004

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I received an update from Graeme 10/17/04


Gidday Jess,

Good to hear from you mate!!! Just keep sending that sunshine down this way and Ill be a happy man!!! Thought Id  escaped the worst of winter when I arrived home to 3 days of warm sunshine, then we went into the coldest August recorded, bugger!!!! When I say cold tho I mean I had to put some warmer shorts on, none o that white stuff you guys get but still bloody cold for me!!! Just gone into daylight saving here and definitely well on the way to a good summer I hope!

Checked out your web site, looks great, works fast and thanks for including me in it, the pics bring back great memories, sure did enjoy my time with you all and hope I can pay a return visit someday! Been busy as lately working on some large outdoor sculptures with a cast glass artist as well as turning and also playing with steel and copper bases on my boat pieces.


Hope life is good in Bozeman, say gidday to all for me!


Cheers for now mate,



Hey Bloke:


I think you are taking all of our sunshine. It is getting dark way too early up here in Montana.  I have done a web site for our guild and I included you on our web site events. http://www.nrwg.org  Let me know if there is anything I should add for more credits or links or if there any updates you would like me to post. The group is still talking about how much fun we had that weekend.

Thanks again.